Digital transformations, the human element

The evolution of man being halted by a robot

As a child of the 70’s I’m no stranger to the stories of people losing their jobs to automation and industry. Throughout the 80’s and 90’s redundancies featured in the news as world changes and technology took their toll on mining and manufacture. Even in the early 2000’s at the…

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Wireframes – Remember what it is

I’ve had two dogs in my life, growing up; Goldie (a Golden retriever – not my naming) and Shamus (an Irish rescue Border Collie). By the time Shammy came around, I was already heavily into computer programming with all the dreams of being a videogame maker, so I naturally took…

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Diamond frameworks

The diamond frame bicycle… arguably the greatest human invention ever. Certainly my favourite. As far as I’m concerned mankind could’ve stopped right there. The joining of those three triangles was the finest moment (to that point) in efficient engineering solving a problem. The frame was designed with users in mind…

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