Beware the buzz word – Part 1

You know that bit in Shampoo adverts where someone says “And now for the science bit”… I was always pretty comfortable with assuming that the person talking over the ad didn’t really understand the science that much.

Earlier in my rather long working life, I was in sales. And of all my training I remember one main point;

“People buy Benefits not Features.”

But I think someone forgot to tell the people.

Apparently more mega-pixels take better pictures, even if the camera is on the back of your phone using a see-through plastic anus for a lens. Horse power is how we measure car performance – though I would question whether the average person has any idea of how powerful a horse actually is. People buy speakers that are XX Watts loud, and their computers are XX GHz powerful. And their DVD drives are 12 times fast… Twelve times WHAT?

Sales and Marketing teams fashion measures for us to gauge things by, and everyone seems to adopt them so readily. But now sales have invaded the sanctity of development and Buzzwords are go.

This isn’t new I suppose. The problem is Developers talk to frickin loud, and there’s always some suit walking past on his way to the next board meeting looking for something to impress the rest of the gang with. Let’s make it more “Flashy” or “Web two-point-ohwee” or “HTML Fivey” and now “Responsive” (with no EEE).

The development world’s next big thing. Just a tool to developers, but for divisions and product owners it’s this year’s greasy wheel that gets funding and budgets moving. Or to the cowboy shoot-from-the-hip-code-it-in-the-basement agencies; the next big pitch.

Just a tool. Not a silver bullet. Not the Messiah. And certainly NOT the number 42.

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