Me and this site

I’m a digital veteran with over 20 years’ experience in the design, development and production of interactive services across all major digital platforms. I have worked on world-wide, world-leading and award winning products across web, interactive TV, Mobile and native applications. Ten of these years were spent at the BBC, having launched BBC Mobile in 2001 and looking after its front-end development. Discovering and defining many of the mobile best practices we adhere to today, while gaining extensive experience in multi-platform content delivery, with all the frills of project, process and management formalities thrown in.

Today I use my experience across disciplines, platforms and production systems to aid in the user experience design, architecture and strategic production of interactive services.

This blog was originally going to be just a sounding board for me to throw thoughts and rants at about technology, but is now pretty much anything related to and around the digital industry.


** If you know me and are expecting some technical or design wizardry – or any web development at all – sorry to disappoint. I’ve made a hard rule that I only spend time making content for this blog, and as little time as possible on this site itself. 🙂 **

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