The Fujifilm 50-230mm zoom: Surprising gem

I don’t mind rolling the dice for a bargain now and then. In England we have a company called CEX who buys and sells second-hand videogames and electronics. Though their website isn’t great, even lacking photos, it’s easy to return something to a local store if it isn’t up to scratch.

So I managed to pick up a Fujifilm CX 50-230mm for something like £110. Nonsense price for any Fuji glass. But then again, it turned up silver. ;-/

A small town in northern Valencia

I thought I’d give it a chance. At that price, it’s considerably less than the FX 55-200 in any condition. It’s also smaller and lighter which is worth consideration.

Turns out, it’s a bloody cracker. The only time I’m not happy with the results is my fault (something more photographers need to accept).

The lens isn’t the fastest focus. I can’t say in comparison, how it compares to its big-shot brother. But I was only looking for a range to stretch my perspective. Having said that its not entirely slow either.

Another bonus I found is it’s near macro capability. Stretched out to 230mm, I’m able to get some really great close-up shots of insects at a very comfortable distance. The minimum focus distance at 230mm is 110cm.

A Dragonfly rests on a twig

This recent trip had me north of the region of Valencia. My retro silver top Fujifilm XT-10 and this rediculous looking silver monstrousity… But it couldn’t be happier. At 37 degrees heat, the silver camera and lens bounces everything off, with only the black lens grip picking up heat. Another thing to consider.

All-in-all, a fantastic buy. If you’re thinking about a zoom for the Fuji you should seriously consider this, regardless of what the snobs say. Especially if you can get it at a quarter of the price of its fancy-pants sibling.

Here are some other shots I’ve managed to capture with this little bargain.

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